You like glass and ceramic jewellery from "Julie - Co Creations"

but that it is the origin of these materials?

Origin of ceramics:

Ceramics: This word comes from the Greek "keramos" which means "potter's land" or "clay".

Ceramics were the first to appear, long before the glass.

There are the first clues to the use of ceramics in the Paleolithic (about 29,000 BC), but the first utilitarian pottery (plates, jars) appeared in the Neolithic (about 10,000 BC).

Pottery then became an art and a means of expression (e.g. Greek vase and Chinese porcelain).

Origin of glass:

The appearance of glass dates back to prehistory. In 100, 000 BC, man usesobsidian (a natural volcanic glass) to form arrowheads.

Already at this time the glass is made jewels thanks to the tectiles. These are glass beads formed by impacts with meteorites.

Fulgurites are also known. The sand reached by a flare melts into a small tube.

The beginnings of fusing:

3500 years ago the fusing technique was already used in the manufacture of glass objects. This is the oldest working technique of glass.

The cooking was very long and complex, which limited the size of the pieces made.

It was in Mesopotamia that glass experienced its first hours of glory before its heyday during Egyptian culture.

The fusing was replaced by blowing at the beginning of the Christian era.

Around 1870 the merged glass in the oven reappeared in Europe. This technique has spread since 1980, from the United States to the whole world.